Monday, March 17, 2008

Video and Photo links on various social activities in and around Chennai

Video and Photo links on various social activities in and around Chennai
Video links:
Photo links:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minutes of Meeting held in Chennai at LiveC office on Job placements for Differently enabled candidates

Dear all,

I have uploaded the voice recording for the meeting held in LiveC office dated March 1st in the below link.

The session was really an eye-opener and the points discussed were ice breakers certainly....

Agenda of the meeting:It was a kick-off meeting to arrive at a framework as to how to go about with regard to placements for DE [DE] candidates.

Additional details:The meeting was led by Mr. Ragav [Manager - LiveC] along with the valuable inputs and support from Dr. Deepak Nathan [VHS hospital, Tharamani]. The attendees were:3-4 visually challenged[VC] college students along with 2 employed VC persons.

Volunteers:Saravanan, Vaanchinathan [+1] & Shankar

Minutes Of Meeting:

* A list of success stories by VC persons in various areas like Technology, Finance, Govt Services etc.,
* Various kinds of hindrances that a differenly enabled candidate face during the course of interview by those two VC employed and the students
* Training on software for VC and other soft skills that are required to bag a job in MNC and other domestic cos.
* A small list of opportunities [Eg: Voice for tv an radio commercials, House keeping [for 10th & +2 candis] that could be won by VC and other disabled candidatures
* The expectations from the corporates' point of view and the challenges faced by placement consultancies along with the solutions by Ragav
* Strengths & Areas of improvements of a DE person along with the motivational factors by Dr. Deepak
* A wide range of jobs that could be performed by DE as per the effective research done by Central Govt [website details provided to LiveC for reference]
* Agenda for the next meeting

If I have missed out any important points along with this email, please post them to have it documented for future reference. Also please apologize if any of those points were redundant :}


P.S. Please keep the volume high due to poor recording quality.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Delightful Diwali for the Under priveleged children [Ananda Deepavali]

Hi all,

As you all know Deepavali, the festival of lights that unite the entire family, relatives and friends to add more meaning and smiles to everyone’s life.

Udhavum ullangal [Helping hearts], the name of the organization is self explanatory to the nature of its kind.

Udhavam Ullangal has been organizing Ananda Deepavali [Delightful Deepavali] for the 10th time since 1998 where they bring in under-privileged, visually impaired, physically challenged and special children from various Orphanages and homes across Tamilnadu to let them celebrate this prosperous festival of lights on 4th November 2007 , the way every other kid celebrates by wearing new clothes, play crackers, a sumptuous feast and lots of entertainment activities as well.

Since this is going to be 10th Ananda Deepavali, they have planned to celebrate it with around 2,000 children at Rani Meiyammai hall, Chennai.

Let’s take this as an opportunity to let those little hearts know that we care for them and join hands to make this celebration a grand success.

Request you all to help in raising funds for this noble occasion.

Whatever the funds [Crossed cheque/Cash] that you contribute could be claimed as exemption under section “80 G” [Cheques should be drawn on “Udhavum Ullangal”] with receipts from UU.

Need volunteers to canvass and raise funds / sell tickets [Ticket Books].

Take a moment to study the enclosed list to decide on the ways in which you can help. This year too, your act of giving will provide these wonderful children with dresses, feast and a variety of entertainment; and above all, a gift that has no parallel- the gift of love and caring.

Help us create another magical Anandha Deepavali this year!
1. Dresses for 2000 Children @ Rs.350/-- : Rs. 7,00,000/-2. Catering : Rs. 2,50,000/-3. Entertainment : Rs. 25,000/-4. Transport : Rs. 25,000/-5. Hall Rent : Rs. 75,000/-6. Miscellaneous : Rs. 25,000/- -------------------- T O T A L : Rs.11,00,000/- --------------------
Donations can be made by sending a crossed cheque in favour of Udhavum Ullangal.
For inland remittance: On line transfer can be done to ICICI Bank, Account No. 0009 0112 0890 of Udhavum Ullangal.

Indian Bank, Nandanam branch SB A/c. No. 418713350
IFSC Code: IDIB000 N078

For remittance from abroad:

Indian Bank,T. Nagar Branch, A/C No. 702014608 of Udhavum Ullangal. Swift Code: IDIB INBB TGR.

P.S. Please find attached the power point slide show[DeepavaliPPS.pps] that will give you a better picture on the last year happenings and currents year's projection as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hi all,

Every Sunday at Padma Seshadri Bala Bavan School [PSBB], Habibulla Road, T Nagar, Chennai, reading session for Visually challenged [VC] students is being conducted. All you need to do is, just drop in at the above said venue and read out the study material brought in by the students.

Since most of the VC students who come here belong to Tamil medium, Volunteers who could read Tamil language are predominantly needed. Having said so, English reading volunteers are also required to little extent in a ratio of 90:10.

The session would start exactly at 10.30 am on every Sunday and ends up at 12.30 pm noon.


1. What if I am not familier with Tamil language?
You can still volunteer yourself to assist students on English.

2. Do I need to bring text books along with me?
No, the students will bring their own materials.

3. Do I need to be a member of any Charitable trusts or clubs to volunteer to this activity?
No, not at all required.

4. How many students will be assigned to a reader?
It depends upon the batch those students belong to. It may be 1 to 1 or 1 to many.

5.If I am a new comer, Do I need to register to volunteer?
No, not necessary. Just walk in.

6. Can I bring my friends along with me who could also volunteer?
Yes, you can bring friends along with you.

7. Will I be paid any sum for this activity?
No, you wont be paid. Its an 100% self volunteer program.

8. Which organisation/trust actually run this?
Sathya Sai samiti, T. Nagar, Chennai.

9. Bus route?
Valluvarkottam bus stop. [47,147,17,147,10,9 bus series]

10. Venue: Padma Seshadri Bala Bavan, YGP Auditorium, Habibulla Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 17.

11. Landmark: Vidhyodhaya School, Habibulla Road,T Nagar [Close by Valluvarkottam Signal].

12. What if I come by Train?
Get down at T Nagar railway station >> Walk down T Nagar Bus Terminus >> Either get a Bus or Share Auto to Valluvar kottam bus stop >> Ask for Habibulla Road - PSBB school.

13. Google map to locate the venue:,+Chennai,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+(PSBB)&geocode=CaX1uRkuhghpFdkexwAdxWHIBCG5EGoBtAPBtA&dirflg=&saddr=Valluvarkottam,+T.+Nagar,+Chenai&f=d&hl=en&dq=PSBB+school,+loc:+habibullah+road,+t.nagar,+Chennai&sll=13.047176,80.221532&sspn=0.018256,0.053296&ie=UTF8&ll=13.051595,80.241523&spn=0.019357,0.038581&z=15
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Below the photo link to have an understanding of what & howz happening at the reading session.
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