Monday, March 17, 2008

Video and Photo links on various social activities in and around Chennai

Video and Photo links on various social activities in and around Chennai
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minutes of Meeting held in Chennai at LiveC office on Job placements for Differently enabled candidates

Dear all,

I have uploaded the voice recording for the meeting held in LiveC office dated March 1st in the below link.

The session was really an eye-opener and the points discussed were ice breakers certainly....

Agenda of the meeting:It was a kick-off meeting to arrive at a framework as to how to go about with regard to placements for DE [DE] candidates.

Additional details:The meeting was led by Mr. Ragav [Manager - LiveC] along with the valuable inputs and support from Dr. Deepak Nathan [VHS hospital, Tharamani]. The attendees were:3-4 visually challenged[VC] college students along with 2 employed VC persons.

Volunteers:Saravanan, Vaanchinathan [+1] & Shankar

Minutes Of Meeting:

* A list of success stories by VC persons in various areas like Technology, Finance, Govt Services etc.,
* Various kinds of hindrances that a differenly enabled candidate face during the course of interview by those two VC employed and the students
* Training on software for VC and other soft skills that are required to bag a job in MNC and other domestic cos.
* A small list of opportunities [Eg: Voice for tv an radio commercials, House keeping [for 10th & +2 candis] that could be won by VC and other disabled candidatures
* The expectations from the corporates' point of view and the challenges faced by placement consultancies along with the solutions by Ragav
* Strengths & Areas of improvements of a DE person along with the motivational factors by Dr. Deepak
* A wide range of jobs that could be performed by DE as per the effective research done by Central Govt [website details provided to LiveC for reference]
* Agenda for the next meeting

If I have missed out any important points along with this email, please post them to have it documented for future reference. Also please apologize if any of those points were redundant :}


P.S. Please keep the volume high due to poor recording quality.